Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Estate Dekho website!!! We are here to connect different people in the real estate market and deliver them hassle-free services. We respect the privacy of our customers and we keep them a high priority. We are here to provide you with the safe buying and selling experience. Please go through the below privacy policies and terms of use to get more information about our services. This policy will help you to understand how we manage your personal data which is collected through inquiry forms. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a safe, credible, and trustworthy platform to buy and sell.

Collection of Information
We collect the information from you to find the most relevant information as per your requirement by customizing your provided results and put you in touch with the right people to buy, sell, or rent real estate. For efficient and productive relationships we share your information with those parties.

Application of policy and abusement
Estate Dekho has committed to providing you with a friendly and safe environmental community to all of its members. This policy is applicable to everyone who uses our services. So we also expect from all our members/customers to cooperate in complying with these rules so that everyone can have a pleasant experience.

Sharing your information with third parties
We collect different information from the visitors who visit our website. Like other online services, we also use different cookies and third party analytics, log data to collect and analyze the information of our visitors who are searching our services.
We collect different information including, personal data (name, address, email id, age), some sensitive information (health updates, passwords) and other information like when you are visiting our websites and signing up with your mail or trying to interact with our services.
This policy is not applied to, nor do we take responsibilities of any information that is collected by the third party using our website or any link present on our website through any advertisements.
We use small data files like cookies to better understand how to interact with you for our services, and are able to monitor how often or the number of times you are returning to our websites. We use persistent cookies to remember your preferences while you create your account. Most of the internet browsers accept cookies automatically, if you don't want to accept it then you can change your browser settings but some services will not work after you disable cookies.
Sometimes the additional information (prediction of your income range and how likely you want to purchase a home) that we get from the third parties and use it to help our agents to serve you better.